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UCHAIN is the distributed network protocol that powers UCASH and the Ucosystem. It is a smart-contract functional blockchain with a focus on business transactions that upgrade the functionality of traditional commerce.

Self-CustodyHold UCASH, UCHAIN and L2 assets yourself

SettlementSettle digital transactions in seconds globally

Smart-ContractsAccess advanced on-chain functionalities

L2 Fiat AssetsFiat payments made easy with native on-chain TX

UCHAIN General Info

Information about UCHAIN and market data

UCHAIN is the distributed network protocol that powers UCASH and the various services, apps and businesses within the Ucosystem. UCASH is the native currency of UCHAIN, used to pay for transaction fees, smart-contract deployments/interactions, fungible asset issuance/settlement and other functions on-chain. UCHAIN is developing with a focus on business transactions and functionalities including native digital fiat currencies and smart-logic contracts.

Block Speed
Max Block Size
Current Max TPS

Universal Chain, Universal Cash

UCHAIN provides users with the power of a distributed ledger (blockchain) and added functionality for business applications through smart-contract enabled dApps (decentralized apps), digital assets and tokens, near-instant settlement, self-custody capabilities, and financial tools. UCHAIN enhances business interactions within the Ucosystem.

  • Tokens (URC20/URC404)
  • Assets (URC721/URC1155)
  • Smart-Contracts/dApps
  • Layer 2 Tokens/Assets
  • Self-Custody Wallets
  • EVM/Account Compatible
  • Run Validator Nodes
  • Integrated UCO Apps

Discover the Power of UCHAIN in the Ucosystem

UCHAIN is the blockchain backbone of the Ucosystem, powering a vast array of services and businesses within the network.


UCHAIN ensures seamless integration across multiple blockchains, enhancing connectivity and functionality.

High Throughput

Experience fast and efficient transactions with UCHAIN's high throughput capabilities, supporting high-volume operations.

Enhanced Security

UCHAIN provides robust security measures, ensuring the safety and integrity of all transactions and data.

Smart Contract Support

Develop and deploy advanced smart contracts on UCHAIN, enabling automation and complex business logic.

Developer Tools

Access comprehensive tools and resources for developers, facilitating the creation and deployment of blockchain applications.


UCHAIN's scalable infrastructure ensures it can handle increasing loads, supporting the growth of your business.

Innovative Solutions

Explore endless possibilities with UCHAIN, offering complete control and customization for your business needs.

Secure Transactions

Benefit from the robust security features of UCHAIN, ensuring your transactions and data are safe.

Comprehensive Documentation

Access extensive documentation, including videos and screenshots, to fully leverage UCHAIN's capabilities.


Everything you need to know about UCHAIN.

Why choose UCHAIN.

UCHAIN is the blockchain backbone of the Ucosystem. It provides seamless integration and connectivity across multiple blockchains, ensuring high throughput, enhanced security, and scalability. UCHAIN powers a variety of services and businesses within the Ucosystem, offering robust solutions for developers and enterprises alike.

UCHAIN Mission.

The mission of UCHAIN is to create a seamless and integrated blockchain ecosystem that enhances interactions and transactions across various platforms and services. By leveraging UCHAIN, the aim is to offer innovative solutions like Smart-Contracts, Tokenization, and advanced automation for businesses, providing users with unparalleled security and efficiency.

What UCHAIN Does.

UCHAIN provides a comprehensive suite of blockchain services and applications within the Ucosystem. From supporting decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts to facilitating secure and fast transactions, UCHAIN is designed to meet diverse business and user needs. It also offers extensive developer tools and resources to enable the creation and deployment of blockchain solutions.


The Ucosystem has a wide range of flexible and useful blockchain functionalities.

P2P Payments

Facilitate seamless peer-to-peer payments with UCHAIN, enabling fast, secure, and low-cost transactions.

Business Smart-Contracts

Implement sophisticated business logic and automation with UCHAIN's smart contract capabilities, streamlining operations and reducing costs.

Web3 Domains Management

Manage decentralized domains with ease, leveraging UCHAIN for secure, efficient, and decentralized web3 domain management.

Loyalty/Rewards Tokens

Issue and manage loyalty and rewards tokens on UCHAIN, enhancing customer engagement and retention with blockchain-based rewards.

Token-Gated Features

Unlock exclusive content and features based on token ownership, creating unique value propositions and incentivizing token holding.

Multi-Party Transactions

Enable secure and transparent multi-party transactions with UCHAIN, supporting complex business interactions and agreements.


UCHAIN Pipeline

Last Updated of 1:52pm EST, 8 July 2024, reported by UCHAIN

Ucosystem Apps/Services
Business Smart-Contracts
Digital Assets/Currencies


Upgrading business processes and user capabilities with blockchain functionality for modern commerce and growth.

3 Pillars

How each pillar of U benefits U.

By holding UCASH and verifying their holdings with Unverification, users gain access to premium discounts, benefits, apps and additional functionality across the Ucosystem.


Network Access Token

The blockchain network powering UCASH and the Ucosystem allows you to hold your assets and interact with dApps and other services utilizing your own self-custody and devices.


Distributed Protocol

Innovative upgrades on traditional and existing business services powered up by UCASH and UCHAIN to enable advanced capabilities and premium features for Ucosystem users.


Services, Business & Apps


UCHAIN is interoperable with multiple blockchains (+ more releases)

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