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UCASH is the network access token of the Ucosystem and the native currency of UCHAIN. UCASH users get access to premium benefits, savings and additional functionality across Ucosystem services, business, apps and products.

PaymentsUse UCASH and other UCHAIN assets to pay

HoldingHold UCASH to access premium benefits and savings

ApplicationsCreate/interact with advanced functions on-chain

AssetsUtilize/create native & custom assets on UCHAIN

UCASH General Info

Information about UCASH, Holders, and Supply

UCASH, the native network currency of UCHAIN and the Ucosystem, powers various services, apps, and businesses within the ecosystem. Initially distributed as an ERC20 token on Ethereum through an Initial Bounty Offering (IBO), UCASH has since expanded to multiple blockchains including Polygon and Binance Smart Chain. Now integral to UCHAIN, UCASH offers diverse functionalities such as loyalty rewards, premium benefits, and Smart-Contract capabilities, fostering a robust and interconnected ecosystem.

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Universal Cash, Universal Commerce

As the native currency of UCHAIN, UCASH provides users with the power of a distributed ledger (blockchain) and added functionality for business applications through smart-contract enabled dApps (decentralized apps), digital assets and tokens, near-instant settlement, self-custody capabilities, and financial tools. UCASH enhances business interactions within the Ucosystem.

  • Native Currency of UCHAIN
  • Multi-Blockchain Support
  • Rewards through Loyalty Programs
  • Access to Premium Services
  • Discounts via uMerchants
  • Domain/Hosting with Unregistrar
  • Premium with Unverification
  • And much more

Discover the Power of UCASH in the Ucosystem

UCASH is the native network currency of UCHAIN, powering a vast array of services and businesses within the Ucosystem.

Multi-Blockchain Support

UCASH originated as an ERC20 token and now operates across multiple blockchains, including Polygon (MATIC) and Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Loyalty and Rewards

Earn UCASH for purchases across Ucosystem businesses, access discounts, and enjoy premium benefits for holding UCASH on-chain.

Unverification dApp

Verify your UCASH balances and unlock Ucosystem-wide benefits and access premium features starting from zero balances.


Get discounts and premium benefits on digital services, e-commerce plans, AI tools, marketing materials, and more for B2B needs.


Access domains, hosting, and email infrastructure at wholesale pricing with UCASH.

Smart-Contracts and Tokenization

Utilize UCASH and UCHAIN for advanced functionality with Smart-Contracts, Smart-Logic, and automation capabilities for businesses.

Innovative Solutions

Explore endless possibilities with UCASH, offering complete control and customization for your business needs.

Secure Transactions

Benefit from the robust security features of UCHAIN, ensuring your transactions and data are safe.

Comprehensive Documentation

Access extensive documentation, including videos and screenshots, to fully leverage UCASH and UCHAIN capabilities.


Everything you need to know about UCASH.

Why choose UCASH.

UCASH is the native network currency of UCHAIN and the Ucosystem. Originally an ERC20 token on Ethereum, UCASH has evolved to multiple blockchains including Polygon and Binance Smart Chain, and is now integral to UCHAIN. UCASH offers wide-ranging utilities including loyalty rewards, premium benefits, and discounts across the Ucosystem services and businesses.

UCASH Mission.

The mission is to create a seamless and integrated ecosystem where UCASH enhances interactions across various platforms and services. By leveraging UCASH, the aim is to offer innovative solutions like Smart-Contracts and Tokenization for businesses, and to provide users with unparalleled benefits and access to premium features across the Ucosystem.

What UCASH Does.

UCASH provides a comprehensive suite of services and applications within the Ucosystem. From uMerchants offering B2B services and discounts, to Unregistrar providing domain and hosting solutions, and Unverification dApp for verifying UCASH balances for ecosystem-wide benefits, their offerings are designed to meet diverse business and user needs. They also enable advanced functionalities through Smart-Contracts and automation with UCASH.


The Ucosystem has a wide range of Flexible & Useful Business/Retail Services.

B2B Services

uMerchants offers a variety of B2B services, including digital services, e-commerce plans, AI tools, and marketing materials, all with discounts and premium benefits for UCASH holders.

Domain & Hosting

Unregistrar provides access to domains, hosting, and email infrastructure at wholesale pricing, leveraging UCASH for added benefits and discounts.

Smart-Contracts & Tokenization

UCASH and UCHAIN enable advanced functionalities with Smart-Contracts and Tokenization, offering smart logic and automation capabilities for businesses.

Loyalty System

Earn UCASH for purchases and access premium benefits and discounts across the Ucosystem by holding different amounts of UCASH onchain.

Unverification dApp

Verify your UCASH balance (starting at 0) and gain access to Ucosystem-wide benefits and premium features.

Customizable Tokens

Create your own tokens using UCASH pegs, with innovative solutions like the Initial Bounty Offering (IBO) for rewards and loyalty assets.


UCASH Bounty Offering Stats

Last Updated of 1:52pm EST, 8 July 2024, reported on UCHAIN

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Claimed Bounties
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Empowering businesses, users and builders with services and apps designed for modern commerce and growth.

3 Pillars

How each pillar of U benefits U.

By holding UCASH and verifying their holdings with Unverification, users gain access to premium discounts, benefits, apps and additional functionality across the Ucosystem.


Network Access Token

The blockchain network powering UCASH and the Ucosystem allows you to hold your assets and interact with dApps and other services utilizing your own self-custody and devices.


Distributed Protocol

Innovative upgrades on traditional and existing business services powered up by UCASH and UCHAIN to enable advanced capabilities and premium features for Ucosystem users.


Services, Business & Apps


UCASH is available on multiple blockchains (+ more releases)

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