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Free your money

Go seamlessly from cash to digital and back through our network of local and online converters. Once you have funds in your wallet, you can then access a suite of additional digital financial functionalities.

Ecosystem Mission

Help grow a global converter network. Enable user access to multiple currencies & services. Empower partners with cash-in/cash-out functionality.

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User & Converters

Users can access cash-in/cash-out services by directly interacting with a local or online converters who may provide multiple methods to load & unload accounts.

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Partner Integrations

Exchanges & Brokerages can provide their users with additional cash withdraw/deposit capabilities. Mutliple digital assets can integrate to allow access for cash.

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Features for users

What can users access with the U.CASH network?

Fiat Load/Unload

Convert between cash and cryptocurrencies using a Converter.

Send/Receive Funds

Send or receive funds from any other user of the U.CASH network.


Complete bounties to claim UCASH to use in the ecosystem.

Exchange Top-Up

Load up an integrated exchange partner with a digital balance.

Address IDs

Pre-register to be able to access your own unique Address ID.

Locking Value

Hold a fiat balance on the platform to remove volatility concerns.

Features for Converters

What can converters access with the U.CASH network?

Convert cash to digital currencies

Allow users to convert between cash and digital currencies in person or through online options.

Create Ads

Create and manage ads for providing conversion services to other users through the U.CASH network.

Account & Profile Management

Create and manage your profile, linking various social media and more for additional benefits.

User Verification & Management

Allow users to get verified in-person through your retail location or money service business.

Partner Advantages

Financial services providers such as payment processors or digital fintech companies such as brokerages and exchanges can integrate into the U.CASH ecosystem.

Cash or Digital Currencies

Access a new set of clientele using the U.CASH network and enable access to services you offer by cash or digital currencies on top of current methods.

Set Own Limits

Choose what level of verified user you want to be able to access your services through the U.CASH network, as well as the currency limits for each user type.

Local or Global Services

Partners now have the opportunity to provide their services to a huge global network of users thereby increasing penetration and usage of their own services.

New Customers

Get access to new users of your services that would normally not ever use them. The convenience of cash and digital currency access will add to your business.

Partner Integration

Partners can provide access to users they already have elsewhere with the added benefits of the U.CASH network by transacting through a layer of our system.

Cross Network Transactions

Instantly communicate and transact with an increasing number of blockchains and partner systems for settling to and from their networks.

Developing to be available on all major platforms.

With globally available applications.

Through the bounty offerings and ecosystem requests, network developers have been empowered to focus development on the major systems that conversion locations and users will most likely be accessing services through.

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