Initial Bounty Offering (IBO)

An innovative new spin on an old model of incentivization.

The U.CASH Initial Bounty Offering

With the launch of the U.CASH platform we introduce the world’s first Initial Bounty Offering (IBO). We are offering the majority of network access tokens to users through a bounty program, so that people can acquire tokens by contributing their skills and time. We believe this is a very equitable distribution, where many network benefits will be realized.
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What is an IBO?

Initial Bounty Offerings are a way to crowdsource human resources, business development, marketing and user acquisition for blockchain technology ecosystems, by offering network tokens in exchange for contributions to the ecosystem.

IBO’s (Initial Bounty Offerings) are a method for blockchain ecosystems to crowdsource whatever resources, services or requirements are needed in the process of developing their products. Bounty offerings are claimed by IBO contributors, or “Bounty Hunters” who are rewarded network tokens in exchange for their participation. There is no absolute requirement to invest money or own digital currency such as Bitcoin.

Participate in the IBO

Bounty Types

There are multiple types of bounties available to be completed or benefacted. Outlined below are some of the more interesting ones.

Limited Time.

Limited Time bounties will only be available during the IBO period to be claimed. They will include time-sensitive or temporary assignments which will benefit the IBO as well as after.

Unlimited Wait.

Unlimited Wait bounties will stay available until such a time they are claimed. As the value of the network increases, these bounties will likely be claimed if not done so already.

Infinite Claim.

Infinite Claim bounties are bounties which will reward successful bounty hunters forever. A small percentage of the remaining reward in the bounty will be distributed to each claimant.

Why an IBO and not an ICO?

More participation, fairer distribution, and inherent virality to network growth and adoption. That's why.

Most startups in the blockchain industry currently use a method of crowdfunding known as ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings). We believe this method of exchanging network tokens for funds, often with minimal prior research, software development, relationship building, or even functioning alpha or beta versions is a recipe for disaster. Unfair distribution of ICO tokens to "quick on the trigger" buyers and "whales" with large holdings of digital currencies has lead to markets being manipulated and unfair benefits being given to these early individuals. Regular users are left out as these ICOs raise millions of dollars in digital currencies within minutes and the future health of the network is adversely affected.

Participate in the IBO

Bounty Participants

Bounty Hunters

Individuals who actively complete bounties and claim token rewards during the Initial Bounty Offering period.


Individuals who choose to support the U.CASH mission by benefacting certain bounties and receiving the token reward in return.


People who participate in the bounty offering by building products and services the U.CASH platform requires to live long and prosper.


Users of the network who sign up during the IBO period and receive a nominal amount of tokens as reward to use towards payment for services.


Partners, organizations and individuals who claim promotion based bounties that advertise and market the U.CASH platform.


External networks and platforms, are rewarded tokens for integrating into the network. Services such as exchanges, wallet providers, are incentivized to provide services on the platform.


Team members and external users create ideas for bounties and make them available to participants, as well as approve bounty claim submissions where required in the IBO period and beyond.


The community can participate in the IBO by providing ideas for potential bounties as well as promoting and claiming bounties themselves.


Team members and external users who create ideas for bounties and make them available to participants in the IBO period and beyond.

Bounty Periods Distribution

The XUC tokens will be distributed as per the levels below.
G = Golden Ratio = 1.618033989  |  Current Level is BOLD & ITALIC  |  Completed =
Period Explanation XUC Distribution XUC Price (USD) Total Bountied (USD) XUC Percentage
Pre-IBO Campaign Pre-IBO 500,000,000.000000 $0.0075 $3,750,000.00 2.38%
IBO (Level 1) IBO-01 500,000,000.000000 $0.01 $5,000,000.00 2.38%
IBO (Level 2) IBO-02 500,000,000.000000 $0.0105 $5,250,000.00 2.38%
IBO (Level 3) IBO-03 500,000,000.000000 $0.011 $5,500,000.00 2.38%
IBO (Level 4) IBO-04 500,000,000.000000 $0.0115 $5,750,000.00 2.38%
IBO (Level 5) IBO-05 500,000,000.000000 $0.012 $6,000,000.00 2.38%
IBO (Level 6) IBO-06 500,000,000.000000 $0.0125 $6,250,000.00 2.38%
IBO (Level 7) IBO-07 500,000,000.000000 $0.013 $6,500,000.00 2.38%
IBO (Level 8) IBO-08 500,000,000.000000 $0.0135 $6,750,000.00 2.38%
IBO (Level 9) IBO-09 500,000,000.000000 $0.014 $7,000,000.00 2.38%
IBO (Level 10) IBO-10 500,000,000.000000 $0.0145 $7,250,000.00 2.38%
IBO (Level 11) IBO-11 500,000,000.000000 $0.015 $7,500,000.00 2.38%
IBO (Level 12) IBO-12 500,000,000.000000 $0.0155 $7,750,000.00 2.38%
IBO (Level 13) IBO-13 500,000,000.000000 $0.016 $8,000,000.00 2.38%
IBO (Level 14) IBO-14 500,000,000.000000 $0.0165 $8,250,000.00 2.38%
IBO (Level 15) IBO-15 500,000,000.000000 $0.017 $8,500,000.00 2.38%
IBO (Level 16) IBO-16 494,678,440.937630 $0.0175 $8,656,872.71 2.35%
Post-IBO ( IBO + Pre-IBO ) ÷ G 5,250,000,000.000080 N/A N/A 25.00%
Future-IBO Post-IBO ÷ G 3,244,678,440.936790 Market Value Market Value 15.45%
TOTALS 16,989,356,881.874500 XUC $113,656,872.71 USD 80.88%
Ready to participate in our IBO? Check out our Bounty List

The Future

We plan on holding another Bounty Offering period in the future once we have completed the first few stages of our platform Growth & Road Map. We will have a better idea of what further bounties are going to be required for the continued growth of the ecosystem once we have accomplished a certain level of growth. Here we outline what we want to accomplish in the future.

  • Build a distributed asset exchange
  • Connect traditional financial providers
  • Totally decentralize the infrastructure
  • Cross Blockchain interoperability
  • Build tokens on all blockchains
  • Be available in tons of countries
  • Be available in multiple currencies
  • Be available in many languages

Find out more about our Growth & Road Map
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