Growth Plan

Marketing, Roadmap & More.

Milestones & Road Map

Outlined below are our milestones & current roadmap for the growth of the U.CASH ecosystem.

Securacoin Launch

In August of 2014 our team launches Securacoin within Money Service Businesses (MSBs) to buy & sell bitcoin through their storefronts. We operated in multiple locations in Toronto, Canada, having great success, exposure and growth. Check out the video to see how our service looked and functioned!

Local/National Partnerships

Our team is now actively looking at expansion partnerships, starting discussions with larger entities about integrating our services. We find that businesses are generally interested in upgrading their existing services. The global perspective on cryptocurrencies is still negative at this point in time, with association with criminal activities and major hacks cited as major concerns. The extreme volatility of the bitcoin price also contributes to lack of interest in any large scale operations.
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Local Expansion

Securacoin continues its growth, acquiring further locations in the Toronto Area for services deployments. We begin to realize that these businesses are in need of much more extensive software than what we are currently offering. Many MSBs need software capable of running their entire business. Research on integrating bitcoin technology into their workflow begins in earnest.

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Apps & Gift Cards

We develop and deploy mobile apps for our users as well as gift cards to be sold out of our money service business (MSB) locations. We start looking at integrating debit cards and credit cards to give users access to the existing financial system, all the while using bitcoin in the background.

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Business Development

Our team embarks upon a targeted door-to-door campaign across various regions to on-board MSBs and retail locations onto our platform. Our success rate is nearly 50%, with those that turn us down remarking "It's not a no, it's a no for now", as they are waiting for a better legal environment to operate.

Year Conclusions

We have spent this year learning how to manage and grow our services with retailers and MSBs in Canada while also exploring options in other countries. We have also updated our software and begun researching the next steps for the growth of our vision. Banking is on the top of our minds as we build out a system that can function both with or without them, while also accessing the ecosystem of traditional financial services through them. We eventually settle upon a peer-to-peer (P2P) model between our MSBs and our users, letting them deal directly between each other, us being present only as technology provider to facilitate the transaction.
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Further Expansion

We now begin operations in multiple MSB locations across Canada, developing and testing software capable of running their day to day activities while also offering bitcoin services on top. We begin testing loans management, customer data management, bitcoin services as well as manual input of other transactions.

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Building and Growing

Securacoin starts off the year with massive networking, industry outreach and brand new software upgrades to meet the needs of our money service business clients. We initiate plans to expand Securacoin and realize our vision to unbank the world.

B2B Plan

Securacoin has now deployed working MSB management software powered by our own blockchain enabled technology stack. Our innovations allow MSBs operate more efficiently than before, but also access value added functions such as network-wide customer analytics, full customization of fees and fields, and blockchain capabilities.
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New Brand for Unbanking

By mid to late 2015 we conclude that Securacoin is not the ideal brand to garner mainstream recognition for our innovative services. Our experience working with various value mediums such as cash, local monies, digital currencies, and the universally accessible nature of our technology gave us the idea for our updated brand - U.CASH!

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Upgraded Software

U.CASH starts with the strategy of piggybacking bitcoin and blockchain technology services on top of existing capabilities that money service businesses were already using. Using our software MSBs can manage their clients, issue and administer loans, offering cheque cashing, issue money drafts, offer foreign exchange and tons of other functionalities. Bitcoin and blockchain technology is showcased front and center in our technology.

Year Conclusions

We have learnt a lot this year about running and growing an innovative new business in an uncertain regulatory regulatory environment, working alongside enterprises of all sizes. The rigorous demands of AML/KYC, legal, compliance, banking, partnerships, Liquidity, and secure cryptocurrency management has given us unique insights, letting us look at new ways of deploying our services and fulfilling our mission.

Top Down, Bottom Up, Center Outwards.

To make sure we have access to the best resources and capabilities, we take an all inclusive approach, utilizing existing blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies, services and global partnerships. Our experience working with MSBs, financial services partners, payment processors, financial institutions, multiple levels of government and the public allow us to really grasp the significance of our undertaking at an early stage - and prepare accordingly.
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Consumer Software

With our back end technology for MSBs having been successfully deployed in active beta across our network, we start building a front end access point for users of all types. We take apart the inner workings of the financial system and redevelop technology from a blockchain powered perspective, freeing ourselves from old ways of doing things and allowing open innovation.

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Community Events @ Blockchain Tech Meetup

Some of the founders of U.CASH in collaboration with other entrepreneurs in the blockchain industry start hosting events to educate people on bitcoin and blockchain technology. We bringing speakers, startups, industry professionals, venture capitalists, bitcoin enthusiasts and more to talk blockchain innovation. U.CASH is proud to be a founding sponsor of the Canada Bitcoin Blockchain and Fintech Canada event series.

Expanded Opportunity

By mid 2016 we have identified huge opportunities to get financial services to the people who needed it the most. The type of people who use MSBs to access even some semblance of financial freedom tend to be the ideal unbanking user. We decide to build software for our MSBs that can offer these users some value added services.
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Community Engagement @ Blockchain Tech Meetup

U.CASH continues to help grow the Canada Bitcoin Blockchain & Fintech Canada events hosted at PayTM Labs in Toronto. The meetups grow steadily with many new attendees and speakers taking part in these wonderful events.

Growing the Team & Tech

With positive community awareness and founder engagement, U.CASH is now growing its team both locally and internationally. Building products with a feedback loop involving our earliest participants allows us to greatly increase speed of development, testing and deployment of software upgrades.
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Community Growth @ Blockchain Summer Event

The Fintech Canada events soon outgrows the capacity of PayTM labs and we are forced to look for a larger venue. MaRS in Toronto kindly sponsors our next event with a greatly expanded capacity and allowed us to host even more impactful events.

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Community Development @ Blockchain Evolution

As a founding sponsor of Fintech Canada, U.CASH continues to use its community presence and awareness to further increase the brand recognition, while simultaneously onboarding new talent, partnerships and capabilities. Toronto being a hotspot of blockchain enthusiasm allows us access to not only the most brilliant minds in the space, but also aid in the development of future blockchain superstars.

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Community Participation @ OSC Hackathon #RegHackTO

Various level of government and other public institutions in Canada are very active in trying to understand blockchain technology and create a positive environment for companies in the field to thrive. The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) has organized a Regulatory Hackathon (#RegHackTO) and members from U.CASH's team participate, producing a "Crypto Fund" a digital asset trading market built for exchanging cryptocurrencies and other digital tokens.

Year Conclusions

WOW! What a year this has been. With increased community support, we have managed to get together brilliant people to try and find solutions to some of the biggest problems on the planet. We have learnt that people are the future of any ecosystem. Incentivizing a community and people aligned with our vision has been our goal from the beginning, and at by this stage we are quickly developing a loyal local beginner group. Now our focus is switching to the international stage.
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Unbanking Possible

We start this year with the mission to finally realize our vision of powering global unbanking services. Combining our expertise in cash management services, integrating with MSBs, blockchain knowledge as well the capability of building highly functional enterprise software, we focus our entire attention on the end user experiences and functions.

India & Canada Pilots

During this time, we at U.CASH are actively testing and using our services in a limited user base to get feedback about our capabilities. We stress test our platform and fine-tune certain processes and aspects of the user-flow to let users interact on our platform seamlessly. After our Canadian pilot, we start testing our software in the complex Indian market, garnering analytics and exposure that further help us in improving the network.
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Community Impact @ Power of Decentralization

This event, brought in part by the U.CASH team to the Canadian blockchain community once more, allows us to showcase our products and services, while also giving an opportunity to network with fellow enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. Attendees from various levels of government, including the OSC, major banks and accounting firms are out in full force, and formed an integral part of the positive environment we helped foster.

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Community Education @ Blockchain Revolution

During this event - Blockchain Revolution - members of the U.CASH team and other entrepreneurs get together to organize and host the largest blockchain meetup Canada had ever seen. We can’t even call them meetups anymore, given the professionalism and quality of the speakers, the size of the event, and the amazing execution of the organizers, which showcase U.CASH to the public, as well as other local startups and the community at large.

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Community Participation @ Ethereum Summit India

Founders of the U.CASH team based out of Mumbai, India, attend the Ethereal Summit with Vitalik Buterin, Founder of Ethereum. We network with other startups and entrepreneurs in the Indian Blockchain industry, while also helping to foster a positive dialogue between ecosystem participants and various levels of government.

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Government Inclusion @ Blockchain Government Forum

Ageesen Sri, President at U.CASH is also on the Board of Directors of the Blockchain Association of Canada. In this position, he and his fellow directors are charged with interfacing with various governmental institutions, public organizations and private companies to make Canada a positive environment in which to build innovative blockchain companies. Our mandate is to foster dialogue and create initiatives that help the public understand the benefits and possibilities of this innovative technology.

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Community Empowerment @ Bitcoin & Ethereum Summit

U.CASH comes out in full force with our team representing U.CASH in our branded T-Shirts and an amazing exhibition booth with powerful print & marketing media to showcase our services and upcoming Initial Bounty Offering (IBO). Brian Phan, Executive Officer at U.CASH also hosts the event with class and style helping keep the audience engaged, and the speakers on point.

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Government Engagement @ Bank of Papua New Guinea Blockchain Seminar

The Central Bank of PNG (Papua New Guinea) in association with Abt Associates invites U.CASH and other companies in the field to present solutions and talk ideas with the Governor of the Central Bank and other representatives from the PNG government. Brian Phan participates as a panelist, while also having the honor of giving the Governor of the Central Bank of PNG, Loi Bakani, his first Bitcoin while a representative from Digicel - a local telecom provider - looks on.

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Government Research @ Indonesia Blockchain Knowledge Sharing Forum

The National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas) in cooperation with KOMPAK (Kolaborasi Masyarakat dan Pelayanan untuk Kesejahteraan) holds a knowledge sharing forum on the theme of “Blockchain: Improving Basic Services and Economics Opportunities” inviting companies from the ecosystem to help the Indonesian government navigate and kickstart blockchain initiatives in the country. Ageesen Sri of U.CASH talks cash transfers / remittances and financial inclusion in both a panel and as a Q & A session, imparting his experience of growth in the Canadian ecosystem and mapping out a possible future plan for the Indonesian blockchain industry.

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India Launch @ U.CASH Mumbai Office

Our team members based out of Mumbai, India celebrate the launch of our IBO platform with other attendees, showcasing the capabilities and mission of the U.CASH platform. We demo the platform and onboard many early users and bounty hunters and bring on new team members who saw and understood the vision that day. Celebrating the small successes along the journey is the U.CASH way!

Year-to-date Conclusions

2017 has been utterly hectic and a blast for our team. We have brought awareness of our ecosystem to the world at large, while also building amazing long-term relationships and acquiring new team members that are sure to help U.CASH grow and thrive. We launch in two countries, and have pilots planned for a few more right away!
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U.CASH Network Pre-IBO Launch

We launch our Pre-IBO (Initial Bounty Offering) with the goal of spreading awareness of our products, services and ecosystem benefits to people all over the world. With the creation of our native network access fuel token, UCASH, we start the first steps towards building an incentivizing economy for our blockchain technology ecosystem. We start promoting online, and at in-person at events and begin our journey on a crescendo of growth, starting with a small community, and now moving towards global awareness.

Introducing Initial Bounty Offerings (IBO)

What is an IBO? An Initial Bounty Offering is a method for blockchain-token powered ecosystems to distribute their network access tokens (fuel) to users for accomplishing various "bounties" (mission objectives). Benefactors can also get involved by converting their BTC (Bitcoin) or ETH (Ethereum) to UCASH at the prescribed rates, with funds allocated directly to the bounty (mission objective) they chose to support. Benefactors receive the UCASH, and the BTC or ETH is then routed by us towards the completion of the bounty. This makes Bounty Offerings a very attractive method for network token distributions as "whales" in the ecosystem are not given the chance to accrue massive amounts of tokens, and people of different incentive thresholds can all participate and benefit from the network growth.
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Pre-IBO Community Engagement

An IBO is a combination of human resources and business development, as well as user and converter location onboarding packaged together with an incentive network token, U.CASH. With IBO’s we introduce a new ecosystem model that is a circular economy of positive growth for users and service providers. The UCASH token is be used by all to access and provide services on the Universal Cash Network, and we believe our method of distribution is the first to fully take advantage of the network incentivization capabilities provided by the token economy.

Pre-IBO Conclusions

Our Pre-IBO concludes with a total of 500M UCASH being distributed almost entirely in the last few days of the Pre-IBO. The interest to participate and our user signups peaks with the closing of the Pre-IBO and sets us for even greater awareness and participation during the Full IBO period. Thanks to all the Bounty Hunters and Benefactors, great things are ahead. We look forward to seeing you use your UCASH to access the full value of the U.CASH network!
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U.CASH Network IBO Launch

We launch the IBO with updates to our site and launch our bounty platform. Bounties are now available for claiming. We also leave open Benefactor claim opportunities at a limited amount each user, to further distribute our tokens to those who cannot, or do not want to complete the bounties themselves. For every 500M UCASH distributed, thereby incentivizing benefactors and bounty hunters to contribute earlier.

Bounty Release, Production & Review Period

We have begun to actively administer, verify and approve bounties for the many IBO participants. We are receiving many inquiries already and expect even more participation in the days and weeks ahead. Our users are amazed and excited about participating in the IBO and have expressed their gratitude for being able to participate in acquiring cryptographic tokens without the requirement of holding digital currencies beforehand. Our IBO may very well be the only available method for some people to get into the token ecosystem!
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Bounty Completion Rewards

We will be releasing bounty rewards during the IBO to successful claimants after approval. Benefacted bounty rewards will be instantly released with the actual mission objective being completed at a future date as needed. We expect the IBO to crescendo with increasingly larger rates of participation with the progressively rising UCASH costs.

Bounty/Benefactor Model

Our unique model of distributing tokens, allowing both bounty hunters and benefactors to take part, is an interesting divergence from the typical ICO model of token distribution in the industry today. By offering preselected bounties (which essentially signify our business plan) for benefactors to choose, the investors know exactly how their converted BTC or ETH will be used to grow the ecosystem and enable value added services in the future, while receiving a guarantee that they are able to receive the limited network tokens for an attractive price.
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Benefactor Participation

Due to the unique setup and length of our IBO period (120 days + staggered levels of UCASH price), we believe benefactor participation will stay constant and move closer to completion faster before each new price level is reached. This will allow bounty hunters enough time to work, and claim the UCASH rewards while also building a sense of urgency for both the benefactors and bounty hunters in their mission to acquire their UCASH rewards.

IBO Expectations

Due to our unique marketing plan of increasing visibility and exposure like a growing crescendo AFTER the beginning of the IBO period, and aggressively ramping up marketing towards its end, we do not build unwarranted hype BEFORE our distribution. This gives people all over the world enough time to acquire their UCASH rewards in whatever path they choose. We believe the long-term success of any token ecosystem lies in the fair distribution of the native token, and incentivizing the participation of people all over the world to continue to grow and build the network, providing a good crypto-economic foundation. We know our IBO token will be fully distributed during this period as more and more bounty hunters, benefactors and other entities get a wind of the innovative model of the U.CASH services as well as its token distribution. It is powerful, natural, organic, and viral. The community response will culminate towards the end of our bounty period, even though it is starting as a slow trickle, proving our IBO as an effective method for blockchain startups to kickstart their ecosystems. IBOs are the future!

What Success Looks Like

Having people across the globe participate in our bounty offering and help build the U.CASH ecosystem while benefiting by receiving tokens in reward. We hope our distribution of the native ecosystem fuel, UCASH, helps kickstart our services and worldwide value network, becoming an attractive platform not to just use, but also build on.

Customer & Converter Loyalty/Growth

Our initial phase of U.CASH expansion is to onboard as many users and converters onto the network as possible. We will excel in customer service and community engagement while also having an aggressive business development strategy encompassing converters, service partners, public institutions as well as charitable endeavours aimed at bringing financial inclusion to the people.
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Massive Marketing & Development

Our marketing plan combined with our software development strategy of testing in limited releases and increasing the availability and capabilities of our network, will allow us to increase the potential audience for our services very quickly. Our digital currency capabilities may become the most highly used features of our initial phase deployments. We plan to use this initial loyal userbase of crypto-enthusiasts to help us spread the word about the innovative nature of the U.CASH ecosystem as well as combine it with advanced marketing strategies far and above those being utilized by other parties in the blockchain industry right now.

Converter & Customer Satisfaction

How do we onboard new users quickly, while also retaining our onboarded users as supporters for life? We excel at customer service and community visibility, operating on a very in-depth user feedback loop always by updating and mutating our methods to best meet the demands and requirements of our users and converters. Loyalty is important to us, and we will reward the continued usage of our network by most ardent supporters with further services and innovations worldwide. Community means a lot to us if you haven't noticed by now!

What Success Means

Being able to access U.CASH services in dozens of countries with thousands of converters worldwide. Users number in the hundreds of thousands at the end of this phase with multiple languages and currencies represented in our ecosystem.
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Currency Support

Supporting as many currencies (digital, fiat cash or otherwise) is a major objective for the U.CASH network. This is easily supported using software, but having the local presence and network of converters to provide that all needed cash-in, cash-out services in local fiat currencies is what truly grants superpowers to our ecosystem. With this ability, and the easy access to digital assets/currencies on the platform, we continuously strive to increase list of supported local currencies while also providing quality financial capabilities to users in that country.

Country by Country Development

Our current strategy of deploying services in countries one by one, will progressively be dwarfed by the explosive signups of users and converters from all over the world. Our country by country strategy will quickly lead to a saturation strategy where converters and users would start offering services in new areas, and when fully powered, start increasing the distribution per square kilometre of converters in the area in both developing and developed regions.
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Language Integration

Supporting multiple languages is currently quite a bit more difficult than supporting multiple currencies. Text must currently be manually changed to keep meanings and translations as true to the original as possible requiring incentivized local speakers at a continuously needed basis. With our ongoing bounty offering offerings (OBO), we plan on using the UCASH value of our access tokens to continuously incentivize professional translators to participate in translating U.CASH to local languages and supporting worldwide growth of the ecosystem.

Success Looks Like

Being able to access U.CASH services in dozens of countries with thousands of converters worldwide. Users would number in the hundreds of thousands at the end of this phase with multiple languages and currencies represented in our ecosystem.

Increase capability of unbank services

This phase of our roadmap leads us to fully embrace the unbanking capabilities of our network, growing beyond just digital currency services to true global unbanking services for anyone with an internet connection. We plan to pair our services with basic SMS service access thereby granting access even in the most remote places on the planet. Let the global unbanking begin!
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Integrate with Financial Service Providers

Integrating with the existing financial system but also building our independent capabilities has always been key to the vision of U.CASH. Using payment processors, financial services providers, money service businesses and other service providers plugged into the U.CASH system, allows our users to access value added services in whatever locality they reside. With additional partnerships globally, we plan on massively increasing our capabilities by bringing our users, and partners together on a platform which is all-inclusive, ground-breaking, correctly incentivized, and secure all at once.

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Provide Services to Remote Areas

With massive deployment of 3G/4G/5G services coming in even the remotest parts of the world, as well as satellite communication innovations, we are confident that U.CASH can grow to service inaccessible and remote villages and towns and facilitate cross border transactions with ease and intuitiveness. But even without such infrastructure, we plan on building an SMS powered backup system than can also be accessed for basic transactions where network bandwidth is not currently available. U.CASH will succeed in bringing financial inclusion in places other companies can't. That is the power of a blockchain enabled ecosystem.

Enable localized and global connections

The U.CASH converter network is the foundation that let local users access the global U.CASH economy. Our focus on partnering with cash dealers, remittance locations, mobile recharge shops and other local retailers puts us in an ideal position to take advantage of existing commercial bridges in countries worldwide. These entities are already accustomed to providing services to people in their area, and they will be able to loop in their existing cash reserves to offer value added services, which will enable a new stream of revenue and prosperity for converters and users alike.

Success Looks Like

Offering services and financial inclusion to remote areas in the world that do not have access to banking or basic functions including identity and cash capabilities. Connecting remote areas to the digital economy would be what success would look like at the end of this phase, onboarding millions of people worldwide onto U.CASH
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Integrate experiences in large corporations and startups

This phase of the U.CASH roadmap sees us partnering with large entities (including multi-branch MSBs and financial institutions) to enable U.CASH access and capabilities for their users. We also aim to be massively integrated with the existing blockchain industry providing cash-in, cash-out services for a variety of digital currency wallets, brokerages and exchanges worldwide, enabling them to finally leave behind full reliance on the banking system for processing of fiat payments.

Initiate and develop financial institution integrations

Credit Unions, Banks, Investment Funds and others will be our target, bringing in large liquidity and user bases into the ecosystem. With the combined power of our existing converter network, and remote access capabilities brought on by financial institution level online integrations, U.CASH can grow ever closer to its goal of financial inclusion for all.
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Deploy government/public institution level services

Providing access to services normally accessible only through public institutions (such as identity verification and asset notarization). U.CASH will be able to use its extensive blockchain enabled converter system to start offering services to its users that are efficient and distributed in its accessibility. We can fully see our converter network providing even more, never-before-seen functions in the future as further innovations are deployed in the industry and brought into the U.CASH network.

Success Looks Like

Partnering with multiple small governments to enable services in their regions, providing unbanking to their local populations. We can foresee micro-economies leapfrogging traditional financial services into the new digital currency age, and U.CASH is well positioned to help enable any such movements thanks to its universally accessible nature.
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Enable global digital economy access

By connecting users worldwide connected to the U.CASH ecosystem and its network access fuel (UCASH), we will enable seamless transactions between users operating in different countries, even without the need to trust each other, as our smart-contracts, and blockchain innovations provide the trusted "intermediary" to facilitate transactions. The ease of use and functionality of our services are sure to open up blockchain dreams, to real world reality, and truly bring financial inclusion to the world.

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Full financial system integration

By this point the U.CASH ecosystem will have access to each financial services rail that is available in the world, while also integrating together with the various entities and services which have been built on top of the U.CASH economy. We believe our foundational converter network will lead other businesses and organizations to innovate on top of the system and develop even further innovations that can't yet be foreseen. All we know is that with total global integration, U.CASH will have created a new paradigm in offering unbanking services that the world has not yet experienced. Let the unbank begin!

Massively disrupt and innovate on the global financial system

This phase will be the true test and battleground for the usage of users worldwide. As U.CASH innovates its services and continuously takes clients away from other established organizations and endeavours, competitors are sure to fight back and U.CASH will be ready. Disruption will take place slowly at first, but increase aggressively, until finally, the people of the world realize that a Black Swan event has taken place, and the way that U.CASH offers financial services becomes the new norm.

Success Looks Like

Having total integration in the financial system and users in every part of the world. Our converter network would include hundreds of thousands of locations and global users well into the hundreds of millions and billions. This is what ultimate success looks like, and we truly provide much needed solutions to the problem of global financial inclusion to the people who need it most.
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