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Free your money

Go seamlessly from cash to digital currencies and back through our retail converter network globally. With this capability, U.CASH opens up the world to massive fintech innovation by giving the world access to a distributed cash network.

Our Mission

Build a global network of retail and individual converters providing cash to digital conversions to and from our ecosystem, helping people worldwide to unbank.

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Our Users

Everyone that wants to access the power of a distributed financial services network. The unbanked, the underbanked, and the overbanked of the world! Everyone.

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Our Converters

Access cash-in and cash-out conversion from retail locations, cryptocurrencies / digital assets, and financial services like those traditionally offered by banks.

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A Global P2P Financial Services Network
Why choose Us?

UnbankingFor the world.

Using U.CASH, anyone in the world with access to internet can now access financial services and participate in the global economy using digital currencies.

Why choose Us?

ConvertersHelp users access U.CASH

Converters, who can be money service businesses, retailers or individual users even, can offer various methods to convert between fiat and digital currencies.

Why choose Us?

UsersAre empowered with U.CASH

Users can now access a myriad of traditional financial services as well as gain access to new digital currency capabilities including conversion and trading.

Why choose Us?

TechnologyBlockchain powered

Our platform is powered by technology enabling smart-contract capabilities that emulate the functions of traditional financial service providers.

Why choose Us?

CurrenciesSupporting many assets

The use of a digital asset infrastructure allows easy conversions between any cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies that are supported on our network.

Why choose Us?

ServicesFinancial Empowerment

Access to traditional financial services utilizing digital currencies allows anyone to access at least basic banking-like capabilities worldwide.

"Killer" App?

U.CASH has many of them.
Quickest method:

Cash to Digital

The U.CASH worldwide teller network will allow anyone to be able to convert local cash, into digital currencies and back, in the easiest and fastest way possible.

Globally accessible:

Financial Services

Our services are built in a way to emulate those provided by traditional banks without the friction, inaccessibility, hassle or localized nature of their offerings.

Retail "ATMs":

Global "Vault"

Imagine being able to turn your digital assets to cash anywhere in the world, in whatever currency you require in the area you're in. Yes, now you can do that.

Supported Assets/Currencies

U.CASH supports a variety of physical/digital assets & currencies.

Fiat CurrencyLocal national currencies everywhere operational.

CashFiat cash is supported in every country we are available.

Digital CurrenciesVariety of major digital currencies to be supported.

Digital AssetsDigital Assets of many kinds will be supported by the platform.

U.CASH will support many fiat and digital currencies/assets combined with traditional financial services, as well as innovative new offerings.

Our Experience
Over 4 years working with cryptocurrencies, money service businesses, payment processing, conversion location acquisition, blockchain software development, AML/KYC/Compliance development, remittances and more. Our blockchain technology skills combined with our specialized knowledge is, we believe, unparalled, although who really is 100% knowledgeable in blockchain? It's still evolving quickly.
Our Vision
To bring financial services and access to people all over the world. We will do this by bridging local fiat cash through a network of converters, with digital currencies and offering additional services on apps.
Our Research
Having many years of experience dealing with money service business combined with blockchain technology, we have had the opportunity to develop strategies for our vision using empirical data gathered from real-world experience, partner polls, usage analytics, and community engagement as some sources.
Our Development
Over the years we have developed and deployed multiple versions of our software to our partners and money service businesses to use in their day to day activities. Our partners still use our software, but are looking forward to the new releases and capabilities that will be available in the near future.

Users can access digital currencies and financial services.

As an innovative new ecosystem which merges fiat cash, digital currencies/assets with financial services, U.CASH is empowering users worldwide with financial freedom.

What can users do with U.CASH?

Some planned services.

Currency Conversion

Convert between many popular cryptocurrencies and other digital assets through the website and apps.

Send & Receive Funds

Send/receive funds to/from anyone in the world through their email address, phone number or the U.CASH portal.

Locking Value

Lock digital currency / asset in your wallet to a local fiat currency for easy value storage without volatility.

Bill Payments

Pay your bills using your U.CASH app easily for a one-time payment or setup recurring payments.

Mobile Recharge

Refill your mobile minutes or data using your U.CASH app simply by providing your phone number and payment amounts.

P2P Loans

Access loans from our MSB network or interact with individual converters and manage your loans on the U.CASH platform.


Verify and "notarize" the existence of your document on the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains with time-stamping.

Prepaid Debit

Link a prepaid debit card to your account to fill using your U.CASH app, which you can then use anywhere debit is accepted.

Virtual Credit

A virtual credit card which you can manage using the U.CASH apps. Pay anywhere NFC-Tap is accepted or for online purchases.


Interact directly with merchants offering e-commerce or traditional services including payments, escrow and logistics.

Retail Products

Converters can add additional retail products they provide through the portal including prices and delivery options.

Foreign Exchange

Convert easily between foreign currencies on the U.CASH platform and transact using that currency wherever required.

Gift Cards

Buy/Sell or manage gift cards provided by partners through the U.CASH network, externally through APIs or added manually.

User Management

Manage the people you interact with on the U.CASH platform adding chat capabilities, quick transactions and order management.

Accept Payments

Accept payments in many popular cryptocurrencies, local currencies or even virtual assets using the U.CASH platform.

The U.CASH software preview

Built with ease of use & intuitiveness in mind, U.CASH aims to bridge the gap between complicated digital currencies and online financial services with the average user.
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Features for Converters

What can conversion network locations access with the U.CASH platform?

Convert cash to digital currencies

Allow users to convert between cash and digital currencies in person or through online options.

Manage your currencies/assets

Access and manage your portfolio of digital currencies and assets as well as your transactions.

Create Ads

Create and manage ads for providing conversion services to other users through the U.CASH platform.

Account & Profile Management

Create and manage your profile, linking various social media and more for additional benefits.

User Verification & Management

Allow users to get verified in-person through your retail location or money service business.

P2P Loans

Provide loans to users and manage them from application to completion entirely through U.CASH.

Partner Advantages

Traditional financial services providers such as payment processors or bill pay companies can offer their products to U.CASH users in whatever jurisdiction they operate.

Cash or Digital Currencies

Access a new set of clientele using the U.CASH platform and enable access to services you offer by cash or digital currencies on top of current methods.

Set Own Limits

Choose what level of verified user you want to be able to access your services through the U.CASH platform, as well as the currency limits for each user type.

Local or Global Services

Partners now have the opportunity to provide their services to a huge global network of users thereby increasing penetration and usage of their networks.

New Customers

Get access to new users of your services that would normally not ever use them. The convenience of cash and digital currency access will add to your business.

Partner Integration

Partners can provide access to users they already have elsewhere with the added benefits of the U.CASH network by transacting through a layer of our system.

Cross Network Transactions

Instantly communicate and transact with a global network of blockchains and settle to and from their networks through the U.CASH platform.

Developing to be available on all major platforms.

With both desktop software, browser based access and mobile applications.

As it is nearly impossible to design software that functions efficiently across all platforms available worldwide, we have decided on focusing on the major systems that conversion locations and users of U.CASH will most likely be accessing services through.

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