We help you free yourself.

Access digital currencies and digital financial services.

Quickly access U.CASH network services by converting cash to digital and back again. Our converter network makes it easy and fast.

Users are be able to access a wide variety of digital services through the network.


CountriesUsers from many parts of the world are able to access U.CASH network services.


ServicesDepending on verification level, users will be able to access any services available thru the network.


ConvertersUsers can access easily convert between cash and digital by utilizing the services of a local converter.


PartnersUsers can access the services provided by partner network integrators adding to the U.CASH network capabilities.

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What will users be able to do with the U.CASH network?

Some planned services for the future.

Bill Payments

Pay your bills using the network easily for a one-time payment or setup recurring payments.

Mobile Recharge

Refill your mobile minutes or data by simply providing your phone number and payment amounts.

P2P Loans

Access loans from our MSB network or interact with individual converters and manage your loans.


Interact directly with merchants offering e-commerce or traditional services including payments, escrow and logistics.

Retail Products

Converters can add additional retail products they provide through the portal including prices and delivery options.

Asset Exchange

Convert easily between digital assets and transact using an available currency of your choice.

Gift Cards

Buy/Sell or manage gift cards provided by partners through the U.CASH network, externally through APIs or added manually.

User Management

Manage the people you interact with on the network adding chat capabilities, quick transactions and order management.

Accept Payments

Accept payments in multiple digital assets using the U.CASH network and partner integrations.

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