Network Access Token

Universal Cash Tokens which enable access to everything.

UCASH (XUC) tokens are the backbone of the functionality on the network.

The UCASH (XUC) token is a universal access key which gives users access to services on the U.CASH network as well as advanced functionalities. This token will be distributed using an Initial Bounty Offering (IBO) model to enable more equitable access.
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What is the UCASH (XUC) token?

UCASH (XUC) is the digital asset and the fuel of the network. XUC tokens are a universal access key that allow users to do transactions with any currency or asset they like.

The value of UCASH will be based on the demand for transactions on the U.CASH network as XUC is required for all interactions. For example, in order to execute a USD to BTC conversion some UCASH tokens will be required. The amount required will depend on the type of transaction taking place, the volume, and in some cases the speed of the transaction.

Initially, XUC will be created and distributed during the IBO period using the ERC20 standard on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Once the IBO is concluded, U.CASH will also create the equivalent amount of XUC on various blockchains including Bitcoin and others. The native UCASH tokens will be used to pay for fees on the U.CASH network, and will also be used to give access to other digital assets (such as cryptocurrencies) and fiat cash through the ecosystem.

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XUC will provide multiple capabilities to users of the network, including some which are unique to our ecosystem.

Blockchain Inclusive

Having XUC means that you can access capabilities on any blockchain that we have integrated. This allows the user to transact on the most cost effective and feature capable platform without even knowing it.

Pegged 1 to 1

All tokens on all blockchains will always be convertible between each other at a 1:1 rate through the platform. This will make sure that no (or very minimal) arbitrage opportunities will exist between them.

Payment of Fees

Initially the UCASH token will be used to pay for services on the network. As the value of the network grows, UCASH itself will be used to settle transactions on our platform with minimal fees and maximum speeds.


How do you get UCASH? Exchange for some online or go to a converter in person to get some for cash!

By meeting a converter you can load your account with UCASH. Once you have XUC tokens in your account you can access a range of financial or other services. You can lock the value to a wide variety of local fiat currencies manually or automatically. You can also choose to convert to other digital currencies on-demand. When you want to cash out, convert your XUC to cash by visiting one of our converters.

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What can you do with XUC?

Convert to Cash

If you have XUC, you can convert it to cash with any converter in your local area at any time of your choosing.

Convert from Cash

If you have cash and want quick access to the digital economy, visit a converter and change that cash to UCASH!


Convert from UCASH to any supported digital currencies on the platform and back again whenever you want to.


Interact in a peer-to-peer manner and access advanced capabilities such as sending email money transfer type transactions and cross-blockchain compatibility.

Transaction Fees

XUC is required by the U.CASH platform to pay for transactions. U.CASH will only accept fees paid to it in XUC or will convert to XUC at point of interaction.

User Verification

Use XUC to get verified on the network through a converter, and prove that verification with any partners or service providers who may require it online.

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Token Distribution

The majority of the UCASH (XUC) tokens will be distributed in Bounty Offerings as illustrated in the chart below. The purpose of the token distribution will be to grow the network, incentivize all parties participating in the network as well as to gain benefactors who will help towards completing bounties. Following are some additional stats.

  • Total of 21,000,000,000 XUC (21B) Created
  • ~$113,656,872.71 USD worth of bounties during IBO
  • ~8,494,678,441 XUC distributed during IBO
  • ~5,250,000,000 XUC to forever Post-IBO bounties
  • Future IBO fund of ~3,244,678 XUC set aside
  • 80.88% of XUC will be distributed via bounty
  • Other 19.12% allocated internally over a period
  • XUC to exist on supported capable blockchains
G = Golden Ratio = 1.618033989  |  Current Level is BOLD & ITALIC  |  Completed =
Period Explanation XUC Distribution XUC Price (USD) Total Bountied (USD) XUC Percentage
Pre-IBO Campaign Pre-IBO 500,000,000.000000 $0.0075 $3,750,000.00 2.38%
IBO (All Levels) IBO 8,494,678,440.937630 $0.01 - $0.0175 $109,906,872.71 38.07%
Post-IBO ( IBO + Pre-IBO ) ÷ G 5,250,000,000.000080 N/A N/A 25.00%
Future-IBO Post-IBO ÷ G 3,244,678,440.936790 Market Value Market Value 15.45%
Launch Team Future-IBO ÷ G 2,005,321,559.062820 N/A N/A 9.55%
U.CASH Liquidity Launch Team ÷ G 1,239,356,881.873670 N/A N/A 5.90%
Endowment U.CASH Liquidity ÷ G 765,964,677.188969 N/A N/A 3.65%
TOTALS 21,000,000,000.000000 XUC $113,656,872.71 USD 100.00%
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