Enable easy access with cash to digital currencies.


Enablers of the U.CASH network, converters make switching between digital currencies and local fiat cash easy.

A growing network of cash to digital currency converters paired with additional alternative financial services.

Converter Types

All currently possible converter types available on the U.CASH network.

Retail ConvertersMSBs (Money Service Businesses) are one of the main converters of the network providing professional and secure conversion between cash and digital assets. Other types of retail converters include commercial stores and individuals offering conversion services in their local areas.


Mobile ConvertersThis type of U.CASH network converter is available to come meet users to do in-person conversions between cash, digital assets and vice-versa.


Online ConvertersOnline converters provide remote services for conversion between fiat currency and digital assets. These services include online deposits, transfers and other methods.

How it works

Becoming a converter and providing services is as easy as having funds available on your app and interacting with users.
Converter Mode

Create a Profile

Start conversion services by enabling converter mode, setting up your converter profile, and following through the next steps.

Have Funds

Fiat or Digital Assets

To start providing services to other users on the network, make sure you have fiat, in cash or in accounts, and/or digital currencies available on your U.CASH portal.

Create Ads

Advertise your services

Finally, create an ad with your rates, hours, conditions and other information for viewing by users locally or otherwise. Users will reply to your ad and then you can transact.


The advantages of the U.CASH network in comparison to traditional approaches to providing financial services are many.

Choose your own options

Decide on when you want to convert, where, rates, amounts as well as the level of user verification required to interact with you.

Assets & Currencies

All you need to provide services is access to physical/digital assets and currencies to convert for users.

Simple Interactions

The easy to use platform allows you to manage and interact with users and ads as well as access advanced capabilities.

Integrated Compliance

Exclusively interact with verified users on the network providing adherence to local laws and regulations.


Provide real-time accounting of all transactions with integrated access to background blockchain data for advanced requirements.

In-Person or Online

Choose whether you want to provide in-person services, or let users convert through online methods only.

Locally or Globally

Converters can provide ads to local audiences or provide online conversion services to audiences in other areas if they want to do so.

Transact between converters

Running low on digital assets? Need to convert to cash or into your account? Transact with another converter locally or globally.

Becomes your unbank

Converters will eventually find themselves holding their digital assets within the U.CASH network only converting to cash when required.

Want to be a converter?
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